We provide automobile repair services for all makes and models

Our experienced and professional auto mechanics will handle all of your auto repair and maintenance services quickly and efficiently at our Broken Arrow location! We are focused on building long-term relationships with our customers for total customer satisfaction.

auto mechanic at T Autocare Takedown in Broken Arrow performing auto repair on hub assembly

Auto Repair Services

T Autocare Takedown is here to help. We service all the major areas in Tulsa Metro including Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta, Wagoner, Owasso, Jenks, Catoosa, Glenpool, Sapulpa, Verdigris, Sand Springs, and everything in between.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Engine Repair & Diagnostics

Check Engine Light

Our check engine light diagnostics pinpoint the problem


Optimize engine performance and fuel efficiency with a tune up

Belts & Hoses

Our check engine light diagnostics pinpoint the problem

Spark Plugs & Ignition

Our check engine light diagnostics pinpoint the problem

Gaskets & Seals

Installing a new cylinder head gasket in the engine

Prevent leaks, improve performance & reduce emissions

Engine Sensors

Sensors monitor functions like temperature, air intake, and oxygen

Engine Swaps

Facing engine failure? Consider an engine swap

Engine Repairs

Don’t let engine trouble slow you down! We offer expert engine repair

Engine Diagnostics

Our engine light diagnostics pinpoint the problem

Brake System Maintenance & Repair

Brake Pad & Rotors

We use high-quality pads to ensure optimal performance and lifespan.

Brake Line Repair

Change brake fluid with waste oil drainer.

Leaking or damaged brake lines can compromise braking performance

ABS System Repair

We diagnose and repair ABS faults for optimal braking control

Brake System Inspection

Mechanic doing inspection of the brake system

We perform a comprehensive inspection of your braking system

Brake Fluid Flush

Change brake fluid with waste oil drainer.

Maintain peak braking & prevent corrosion

Electrical System Diagnostics & Repair

Battery Replacement

Auto mechanic replacing car battery

Battery test and replacement with high-quality batteries

Starters & Alternators

Modern Car Alternator and Engine

Test & Repair: Starters for cranking, Alternators for charging

Lighting System Repair

Hands of a man repairing a car. Repair work. Mechanic. Car headlight. New and broken car headlights

Headlights, taillights, blinkers replacement & diagnostic

Electrical Diagnostics

Man with a multimeter

Electrical gremlins? We diagnose & fix the source

Fuse Box Repair

Close up photo of male checking parts of automobile

Fuse box trouble? We diagnose & get your electrics back on

Short Circuit Detection

Electric wiring system with colorful wires in the car

We locate and repair damaged wiring, and resolve short circuits

Fuel System Diagnostics & Repair

Fuel Injection

Technician removing fuel injectors checking dust and test pressure.

We replace fuel injectors to restore optimal fuel delivery

Fuel Filter Replacement


We replace the filter to ensure proper fuel delivery to the engine

Fuel Pump Replacement

We diagnose and repair/replace the pump for proper fuel pressure

Fuel System Inspection

Auto mechanics doing diagnostics with laptop

A comprehensive inspection of your fuel system components to identify potential problems before they arise

Fuel Leak Diagnosis

Auto mechanic team working help support together to checking under car for service maintenance in ga

Fuel leaks are a safety hazard. We diagnose the source of the leak and repair it promptly

Heating & Air Conditioning Service

A/C Recharge & System Repair

Auto mechanic monitor to check and fixed car air conditioner system in car garage.

We diagnose and repair A/C systems, including recharging refrigerant

Heater Core Replacement

car radiator heater isolated on white background

We offer replacement and service to restore heating functionality

Blower Motor Repair

Climate control unit in the new car

We diagnose and repair blower motors for optimal airflow

Cabin Air Filter

hand hold dirty car air conditioning filter

We recommend regular replacements for a fresh and comfortable cabin

Climate Control Diagnostics

Car interior control panel

We diagnose the cause of climate control system issues

Leak Detection & Repair

Repairman at car garage doing air conditioner or climate control servicing

Leaks in the A/C system can lead to reduced cooling performance

Cooling System

Coolant Flush & Refill

Hand with bottle pouring antifreeze coolant into the expansion tank

Get a flush and refill with fresh coolant for optimal engine cooling

Thermostat Replacement

Thermostat a cooling system, spare parts for cars, isolated on white background

Replace thermostats for proper engine temperature regulation

Radiator Repair/Replacement

Car engine

We repair or replace radiators to maintain proper function

Water Pump Replacement

We diagnose and repair/replace the water pump for optimal coolant flow

Cooling System Pressure

identifies leaks, blockages, or other issues within the cooling system

Hoses & Clamps Inspection

Cracked or loose hoses and clamps can lead to leaks. Inspect & replace

Fan Clutch Replacement

We diagnose and repair/replace the water pump for optimal coolant flow

Temperature Sensors

Cracked or loose hoses and clamps can lead to leaks. Inspect & replace as needed

Wheel Bearings

We offer comprehensive wheel bearing and hub assembly services, ensuring smooth and safe operation for your vehicle’s wheels.

Learn More about Wheel Bearings

Transmission Services

Clutches, Transmissions, Axels, and Differentials are all essential to keep your vehicle on the road. Routine maintenance can save you time and money in the future. Here is a summary of the transmission services we provide:

  • Transmission Replacement

    We can install new, rebuilt, and used transmissions. give us a call to learn more.

  • Transmission Fluids

    Changing out your transmission fluid can keep your transmission running for a long time.

  • Clutch Repair & Replacement

    We do clutch replacements, adjustments, and fluid changes. If you notice a burning smell or your vehicle is lagging, we can fix it.

More Auto Repair Services

We can take care of any of your Broken Arrow auto repair needs. Our Broken Arrow, OK location, we offer a number of services and can keep your vehicle running smoothly. Here is a list of our auto repair services.

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

    Buying a new used car in Oklahoma comes with its own unique list of issues. From excessive heat to snow, the weather can cause issues with your car. Getting a pre-purchase used motor vehicle inspection is the smartest and easiest way to protect yourself when purchasing a used car. Our qualified mechanics will do a thorough inspection to spot any problems before you buy a used car. Our inspection could save you from costly repairs and/or help you negotiate a lower price on your purchase.

  • Brakes and Rotors

    Fully functional brakes are essential to traveling safety. The brakes on your vehicle require periodic maintenance, repairs, and sometimes even replacement. Improve your vehicle’s brake peformance and safety with a comprehensive brake inspection, maintenance, and repair services at T Autocare in Broken Arrow

  • Suspension, Steering, Shocks, and Struts

    Keep your ride smooth, icrease tire life, and drive with safety by getting your steering and suspension inspected or repaired by our expert mechanics at T Autocare. Schedule your appointment today!

  • Cooling System

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  • Body & Trim Repairs (Mirrors, Door Handles, Locks)